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We are not qualified medical professionals, detectives, or investigative journalists. We are just normal people with an interest in True Crime stories and finding justice for the victims. Nicole, the owner of this site holds a Diploma in Criminology and is studying a degree in Forensic Psychology and may draw on her studies when discussing some of the cases. We may also seek the advice of professionals on some of the cases, all names and details will be provided if this happens to be the case.

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Why We’ve Created This Blog

We have created this blog to shine a light on the missing and the lost people out there. Cases that have been left cold, unsolved and justice unserved. This is the purpose for this blog, it was created with this in mind, to make sure these people are remembered and with the hope that someone out there who knows something will get in touch with their local police department when they read a case. It’s to keep the memory alive, it’s our hope that one day, we will be able to update the cases we cover with the news that they’ve been solved and justice has been done.

We may also cover solved cases, cases about serial killers and conspiracy theories. Again, this is for information purposes only and we are not legally responsible for any content pertaining to the cases we cover.

The Cases

These cases are sad, they’re awful and they are tragic. There will be cases unsuitable for some people, so by reading a case you are doing so at your own will. Please bare this in mind before reading any of our cases.


The Missing and the Lost is not legally liable, or responsible for any comments left on this blog. We all have day jobs and lives outside of this blog so it is not monitored on a 24/7 basis. This site is also not legally responsible for any laws pertaining to data protection, or any or law you may or may not break in your country. Bare this in mind before commenting, if you are unsure then get in touch with your local university, police, or lawyer. This also goes for any intent or implication of any kind.

Images, Videos and Interviews

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Anyone bitching or moaning about TMTL team making money off people’s misery will need to remember that these blogs don’t write themselves, website’s cost money to keep up and any money made goes straight back into the site and its upkeep. This will be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

The site will accept forms of monetary gain from advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, other forms of compensation which will go towards the upkeep of the site or helping to investigate cases. There may also be books, or other products purchased that will feature throughout future posts on the site. Any money made from sponsorships or any of the above will go towards the purchases of said products.

The owner of this site may be compensated to provide an opinion on products, services, websites, podcasts, true crime topics, books, videos, DVD’s or other topics. Any opinion made on said topics will be the owner’s opinion, no amount of money would ever influence the owner’s opinion on the products and services as Nicole would prefer to have a loyal following of people than risk losing that by being untruthful. It’s not in her nature, it’s not something she does on her other personal blog, Just a Belfast Girl and it’s not something she is going to start doing now.

TMTL team will always give their own, honest to goodness opinion, findings, beliefs, experiences and overview of the products or advertisements placed that we are discussing. The opinion’s are that of the TMTL team and no one else. Any product claims, statistics, quotes, representation or any other kind of discussion on products or services should be verified with the manufacturing company, provider or party in question. TMTL team are not legally responsible or liable for any misrepresentation that said companies, providers or parties may have. If you have concerns about misinformation, please contact the manufacturing companies, providers, or parties in the first instance.

Conflict of Interest

This blog should not contain any content that might present a conflict of interest. TMTL team always try to give an unbiased overview of the cases we discuss. With that being said, we are only human, we are very passionate about what we do, even if it is just a hobby, and sometimes are emotions may spill out onto the blog post.

This is not intended to hurt or harm anyone in any way shape or form. If you have a concern that one of the posts has a conflict of interest, please feel free to use the Contact Us page of this site.

International Laws

As mentioned above, TMTL team are not legally responsible or liable for any defamatory statements pertained to any government, leader, religious, law enforcement, or any other individual from the reader’s country of origin.

Where We Are

We are a United Kingdom based blog, but we cover cases from all over the world. TMTL team are part of the Just a Belfast Girl Blog Group.

Complaints, Cases, Queries

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If you would like us to cover a case, you can use our Case Submission Form page in order to do so. Please ensure you read all of the information on this page and on the submission form page before submitting cases. We will not cover cases that we have previously covered, unless there is an update on the case.


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Copy Cats

If you find any of our cases, photos with our TM on it or anything else relating to this site (such as our disclaimer page) being used on another site and you feel it has been plagarised, please contact the owner of this site on her Twitter page. You can also use the Contact Us section of the site to contact the owner and Admin.

Thank You

We truly hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy covering the cases. We hope you share in our passion for getting justice for the victims and we encourage you to share our cases where you can. If you use one of our photos in order to do this, please ensure you give credit to the original photographer and ourselves when doing so.

Thank you for visiting us.

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