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This blog was established on 19th February 2019 after owner and creator of Just a Belfast Girl, Nicole decided that it would be easier to separate her love of true crime and all things crime-related from her lifestyle blog and thus The Missing & The Lost (TMTL) was born.

The Story Behind The Missing & The Lost

“Help us bring them home.”

Coined by Nicole on 19/02/19

The terminology behind the name of the blog stemmed from Nicole’s passion to want to raise awareness of unsolved, cold case crimes. She felt that the more people that read the stories, the more they would talk and hopefully share the blog post.

Her point was that someone out there knows something about these people. They know the person that did it, and that everyone knows someone who knows someone. It was her hope it would encourage them to come forward to help solve the terrible crimes.

The Missing & The Lost Team

Name: Nicole
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Role: Owner, Creator & Moderator of The Missing & The Lost
Day Job: Student Forensic Psychologist, HR professional & dog mammy

Nicole is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has loved all things crime since she was very young. Her evenings would be full of TV shows such as Silent Witness and Cracker. Her interest further developed when she read her first crime novel at aged 10.

The novel in question was Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell. Since then Nicole has read all of Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series, as well as Cornwell’s book based on Jack the Ripper. Cornwell is still Nicole’s favourite fictional crime series author to this day.


If you want to submit a case suggestion then you should refer to our Case Submission form which you can find, here.

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Misinformation on Cases

There will be times that there is information in the cases that we cover that is not accurate, or we have been misinformed by our sources. Please be mindful that we take A LOT of time to research these cases and people make mistakes, sources can be wrong.

If that is the case, then email us using the contact us page, you can find this page here. Anyone being rude or disrespectful in the blog posts or emails will be removed from the site and IP reported. This isn’t a threat, this is to protect our team who are doing this to raise awareness and there is no need to be rude.

Just be respectful and remember that the main point in this is to try and find out what has happened to the victims, to identify the Doe’s, to bring justice to the unsolved and cold case crimes so the files can finally be closed and families finally know what happened to their loved one.

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