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If you want to contact us in order to submit a case then you can do so by contacting us, here.

If you are contacting us to send PR, or for any other media related query you can do so by completing the contact form, below.

However, before doing so please be mindful that whilst we accept PR and book reviews, there is no guarantee it will be shown on the site or reviewed. Nicole will, where possible show it on her Instagram account for Just a Belfast Girl, and it will also be uploaded to TMTL team Instagram account.

You need to be mindful that TMTL team have full-time jobs, are at university or have families to tend to. One of us will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible. Nicole had set an auto-response for the team email which advises that we will try to come back to you within 72 working hours. If you do not hear back from us by that time, please send us an email.

We are not investigators by trade, we cannot investigate a case that is currently an open and active investigation. We do not have the means, nor the resources to investigate. We hope you understand this and Nicole will do what she can to raise awareness to cases, but it takes a very long time and is very mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

We try to remain unbias on cases where possible, but we are only human. We talk more about this in our Disclaimer section of the site. You can read our disclaimer, which is at the top of each of our blog posts, here.

Please do not use the contact form below for case submissions. This is for PR and media related queries only. We have linked the case submission form above and you can find it in the main menu of TMTL site.


The Missing and The Lost

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